FC2 PPV 4121715 Personal shooting Wife and friend – Obedience – Part 1


FC2 PPV 4121715 Personal shooting Wife and friend – Obedience – Part 1
【個人撮影】妻と友人 -従い- 前編

This is a video record that a friend sent.

On this day, I had a use and returned home to my parents’ house (although it was nearby), and at home, I was in a goodwill after a long absence.Although it was for me, it was a really fun harmony.

On the other hand, my wife and my*are entrusted to a friend and a couple (I asked them unilaterally and decided to see them at my friend’s house.) I played a little at a friend’s house, and then played in the park.It was that.

I came home around 3 pm, but after a while, my friend’s wife took my*and asked.

My wife and my wife said that as soon as I finished buying dinner to a supermarket (it was a special sale), my friend would send my wife here.When I thanked my wife with my*, my wife returned.

I entrust my wife*to my friend and my wife, and I left my friend’s house in the morning.However, my wife came home 7 pm.My wife*was supposed to return home at 4:00 pm.

After sleeping my*, I asked my wife a natural question.

“It was late, maybe …?”
(My wife just nodded silently with a little shy.)

(On this day, I didn’t want my wife to hold my wife, but I was grateful that I was just spending it normally.)

I didn’t pursue any more, and thought that I would understand it someday.

As expected, about a week later, a friend sent a video to the PC.
On the screen, a wife who was crazy and felt while emitting a beast, and a friend who enjoyed it was shown.More than usual, I could see the wedding ring that my wife was wearing.

I would be grateful if you could see the records of all of these partials given to me with a desire to be cuckold.

* The same thing is used for both the sample image in both the first and second part.

I’m excited about “I’m cuckold”.
In particular, we do not have the technology that can be called this, and it will be a record of the filthy vivid videos, so thank you for your cooperation.

* The work has been deleted irregularly due to circumstances, so thank you for your understanding.

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